Diesel E.G.R Systems

If you own a Diesel vehicle at some point the inlet manifold will be required to be removed and cleaned, this is a product of the E.G.R system recirculating the exhaust gas and sooting up the manifold, you may notice a decline in power or if the engine light comes on this may well be the problem, the E.G.R system can actually be blocked but this is not recommended by manufacturers and may also make the vehicle illegal to use.the best way if blocked is to have the manifold removed and cleaned and then every service run a top end cleaner through the inlet system.

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Buying Ebay Parts



From time to time we have customers supply there own parts purchased from Ebay or other online parts suppliers and we will happily fit supplied parts but there are some cautions to be taken before ordering your parts online.

Brake components are probably the most common parts supplied and often will be sold as a package with brake pads and rotors, these are some of the issues that we see with online parts.

1) The parts arrive and are incorrect. (do not fit)

We find European cars to be particularly difficult to get right and will sometimes take removing the wheels, measuring brake rotors and visually matching the brake pads to the online parts, you can with most online suppliers send the parts back but can be quite a pain as couriers generally only work on an account system and any money saved will be spent in sending the parts back with Australia Post. 

With other components that are easily visible the best idea is to take photos and compare to the picture online, if they look the same then that is a good start, often there could be three - four different part numbers for the same model vehicle.

When you are looking for parts that are not visible there is certainly more risk involved, all you can do is select the right year/model/engine etc and hope for the best.


2) Poor quality parts.

There are name brand parts available online but we see a lot of unbranded parts come through that even at a visual inspection look to be inferior quality, especially with brake rotors, radiators and coolant housings.

The parts will generally fit okay but we have seen radiators leak, brakes become noisy and starter motors fail completely after a few months, saving some money on a radiator will soon be lost if the engine overheats due to faulty parts.

3) Warranty

The suppliers will generally give a warranty but how good that is in the event of a part failure or damage arising from a part failure would remain to be seen. Locally sourced parts may cost more but they have a good warranty and will pay for labour for the job to be redone/

Brake components will especially become 






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