How to Change a Flat Tyre
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Often when we do a car service at Service Brakes Tyres Sunshine Coast we find the spare tyre is completely or partially flat which of course renders them useless as an emergency option. so what to do if you find yourself with a flat tyre?

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Ideally the vehicle will be on a flat level surface, if not the vehicle can be driven with a flat tyre at low speed to a safe position, although this is a relatively easy job there are some difficult areas that require some effort and some dirty hands, i will guide you through how to change a tyre on most vehicles.

1) Drive vehicle to a flat safe location.

2) If you are unsure on the location of the tyre, jack etc, consult your log book.

3) Find spare tyre, jack and wheel brace and remove.

4) Loosen wheel nuts,(If your vehicle has hub caps you can use the flat edge part of the wheel brace or a srewdriver to prize the hub cap off by getting behind the hub cap and levering forward)  this actually can be the most difficult part as they can be very tight, mostly the nuts will undo in an anti clockwise direction and sometimes the wheel nuts (or studs) will have a plastic cap that needs to be removed first, (consult log book), the tip here is to turn the wheel to the left, position the wheel brace securely on the wheel nut and push down, if they don't undo you may have to stand on the wheel brace and use your body weight to undo the nuts, loosen all the wheel nuts one full turn. 

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5) Position the jack in the correct position (consult logbook) wind up jack until the wheel is completely off the ground.

6) Remove completely all the wheel nuts or studs.

7) Remove the flat tyre.

8) Replace wheel with spare.

9) Refit wheel nuts or studs, studs are a little more difficult to start and require more effort to hold the wheel in position and then fit the studs.

10) Tighten all nuts evenly in a cross pattern, they can be tightened fully when the wheel is on the ground but while in the air tighten them as much as possible by hand.

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11) Lower jack the the ground and remove.

12) Tighten all wheel nuts by hand as tight as you can, you can also turn the wheel in the opposite direction and stand on the wheel brace to tighten completely.

13) Put everything back and you are good to go.

14) I would suggest after a few kilometres rechecking the security of the wheel nuts.


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