General Repairs

At Service Brakes Tyres Sunshine Coast we can take care of all repairs from a battery, clutch replacement to a complete rebuild.

Timing belts

Probably the most crucial and overlooked part on vehicles Most belts need to replaced every 100,000 k or 6 years but some can be as low as 60,000k, We offer free timing belt inspections (where possible) and honest advice on timing belt replacement. Timing belts can also break due to oil contamination from leaking seals, we will always recommended replacing seals with timing belt replacement.

If your timing belt should break while driving the vehicle will stop and not restart, at best after a belt replacement the car will start but more likely is damage to the engine resulting in expensive and avoidable repairs. Contact us today for your free appraisal.

Safety Certificates

We offer Safety Certificate (Roadworthy) inspections and advice on repairs to bring your vehicle back to a safe roadworthy condition. We inspect vehicles under Qld Transport guide lines and in general is an inspection of steering, suspension, lights, tyres, fluid leaks, exhaust leaks and rust. This does not mean that if your vehicle has a small leak or a spot of rust it will fail, we will always make sure vehicles leaving with a Safety Certificate are safe for use on the road but understand that not everyone drives a new car and as cars age they are not in a brand new condition and may have small issues that do not affect there safe use.

Steering and suspension

Probably the second most important (after brakes) components to a vehicle, we will road test, inspect and give honest advice on these critical components.

From KYB suspension

There are two major disadvantages that begin to occur as your shocks (or struts) wear. First, as the shock’s ability to resist wheel & body movement diminishes, it becomes more difficult to control your vehicle. That becomes evident as quick-stopping distances increase and the driver has to compensate for conditions like body roll and nose-diving. The second is increased wear of every other related vehicle component. Since more suspension movement is allowed as the shocks wear, every attached part is subject to additional impacts and wear to those components occurs more quickly. The suspension springs, support arms, bushings, joints and wheel alignment all suffer. That translates to a shorter vehicle life, less vehicle satisfaction and additional repair expenses. Worn shocks allow more dramatic up & down tyre movement. As the tyre bounces up, the available tread contact on the pavement decreases. If the tyre isn’t gripping the road well, you have traction loss. Cornering, accelerating and stopping can become a problem. Additionally, when you add wet or slippery conditions… well you can imagine the trouble the driver can have.

Electronic scanning

We have the latest Launch scan tool and can decode and check the electronics in your vehicle by simply plugging it in.

Pre purchase inspections

Trust us to inspect your vehicle prior to commitment, we will spend the time to ensure piece of mind for what can be a major purchase. Feel free to wait while we inspect and give honest advice on the vehicle.


Simply contact us for a competitive quote on vehicle repairs and if your vehicle is not running we can organise a towing service no problem.