At Service Brakes Tyres Sunshine Coast we can look after your tyre requirements with ease.

We will advise you on the tyre that best suits your driving and have access to a wide variety of brands to suit every vehicle, driving requirements and every budget and with tyres fitted while you wait we can help you today.

We will not only fit new tyres but inspect the suspension, wheel alignment and offer free pressure checks to ensure you get maximum life out of your new tyres. With every new set of tyres fitted at Service Brakes Tyres Sunshine Coast we offer a free 10,000k rotate and inspection.

Call in for a free appraisal and honest advice on your tyre condition.

When to replace tyres

Tyres will need replacing when

  1. The tread is worn below 1.5mm at any part of the tyre
  2. The tread is seperating from the casing
  3. The tyres are cracked and perished
  4. The tyres are over 10 years old (regardless of tread condition)
  5. The tyres are wearing unevenly and noisy.

How to look after your tyres.

Tyres that are inflated, aligned and balanced properly will give great longevity, handling and comfort. Tyre pressures should be checked weekly (unless your vehicle is fitted with low pressure sensors) as most will go down slowly over time. A tyre size and pressure guide can be found in your service book or a placard most likely in the door frame. If you are unsure about the condition of your tyres or appropriate pressures just drop in and we will happily inspect and offer advice.

How do I tell the age of a Tyre?

All tyres are produced with a serial Tyre Identification Number (or serial TIN) that shows the date of manufacture of a tyre (See Figure 1&2 below). The last three digits (for tyres made pre 2000) or four digits (for post 2000 tyres) of the serial TIN indicate the week and year that the tyre was made. For example, Figure 1 below shows a tyre made in the 37th week of 1995 and Figure 2 shows a tyre made in the 12th week of 2004. Also a tyre made in the 1990's can be distinguished from a tyre made in the 1980's due to a triangular indentation after the last number which is not present on 1980's tyres.

Figure 1: Serial code for 37th week of 1995
Figure 2: Serial code for 12th week of 2004
How old is too old?

Most tyre manufacturers warrant their tyres against manufacturing and material defects for five years from the date of manufacture (not purchase date). Based on their understanding a number of vehicle manufacturers are now advising against the use of tyres that are more than six years old due to the detremental effects of ageing.

What to look for in old tyres?

Regardless of age tyres should be replaced if they show signs of cracking in the tread pattern or sidewall (Figure 3&4) and or bulging of the sidewall or tread. All tyres, especially unused spare tyres, should be inspected periodically to determine their suitability for use.

Figure 3: Sidewall cracking due to environmental exposure to oxygen, heat and sunlight.
Figure 4: Tread cracking due to environmental exposure to oxygen, heat and sunlight. 

All our used tyres a stored and taken for recycling.