At Service Brakes Tyres Sunshine Coast our qualified technicians are experts in repairing braking systems on all vehicles.

If you are experiencing braking issues we can help, we use trusted, high quality, guaranteed brake parts as our reputation is on the line every time we repair a brake system. Our technicians are trade qualified with many years experience, We will never comprimise on workmanship and know there is a difference between fitting a set of brake pads and having the job done properly by qualified technicians at a registered place of business. We won't comprimise your safety or possible insurance problems in the event of a car accident.

Brakes do not last as long as they have previously and especially with European cars we have found that while offering fantastic braking the longevity is comprimised.

We offer brake repairs while you wait so contact us today for a competitive quote

All used brake components are stored then taken for recycling.

Warning signs your brakes need attention

  • A constant high pitch squeal.
  • Graunching noises when brakes applied.
  • Smoke or excessive heat from wheels.
  • Brake warning light on.
  • Pulsing or shuddering when brakes applied.
  • Pulling one way when brakes applied.
  • Hydraulic fluid going down regularly.
  • Brake pedal sinking to the floor with light pressure applied
  • A hard brake pedal feel that requires more pressure applied.
  • A knocking noise when brake applied.

Why do brakes wear out?

Modern vehicles have pads and rotors as opposed to older vehicles with drum brakes, the wearing out process is the pads clamping onto the rotor to slow the vehicle down. Naturally as the pad is softer than the rotor the pad material wears out, this is why alloy wheels will show black dust all over them. Often a warning light will appear on the dash when either the brake fluid gets low or the brake pads wear to there limit. Brake fluid is also an important part of the braking system and needs to be replaced periodically, this fluid can become contaminated from moisture and generally braking down as it can be subject to high brake temperatures. Drum style brakes will last considerably longer but need to be checked and cleaned out by removing the drums periodically.

Can I check my brakes?

Checking the brake material should be left to the professionals but you can check the brake fluid level which should not really go down much and can only be topped up with the correct fluid and as marked on the reservoir cap.